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The Academy is a three Tier structure that put emphasis on life skills, golf performance as well as the development of golf potential. Academy 57 is the top Tier and accommodate the 10 best junior applications in the Southern Cape. These juniors receive individual coaching from a PGA professional on a weekly basis. We are privileged to have some of the best juniors in South Africa performing not only on a national, but also on an international level. The second Tier is called the Development Performance Tier. This Tier provides weekly coaching lessons for Juniors with golf potential. The Development Tier has already showed success in that some of the Juniors have received Southern Cape provincial colours in their age groups and or were awarded with a spot in the Top Tier. The third Tier is called the Enterprise Development Tier and was launched in January 2018. This Tier has a twofold purpose namely the coaching and mentorship of a development coach and the identification of kids with golf potential at schools in the Mossel Bay area. The Enterprise Development Tier is run in co-operation with Pinnacle Point. Academy 57’ golf programme is structured in such a way that the various tiers serve as feeding grounds for each other.